Cryosphere, world map of ice, snow, glaciers, permafrost and ice sheets

Cryosphere, world map over ice, snow, permafrost, glaciers and ice sheetsClick on the image above for high resolution view
The cryosphere represents the permanently and temporarily frozen areas of the world - frozen ground in the form of permafrost, areas covered in snow, frozen lakes, rivers and oceans, glaciers and continental ice sheets. The cryosphere represents a fundamental piece of the system that is planet Earth, and changes in the cryosphere are closely monitored for indications of climate change. Data used in the map are from NSIDC, WGMS, IPA and other sources.

World map showing ice, permafrost, snow and glaciers prepared for the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) report Global Outlook for Ice and Snow, published in 2007. The map was used as a fundamental background and overview piece, and was featured on the front inside cover of the publication.

To assemble the chart, a vast number of different scientific data sources were assembled and harmonized to match in the layout, with the same scales and level of detail. The map uses the Fuller/Dymaxion projection to present the whole world without breaking up the North and South poles - the Arctic and Antarctic, respectively.

To prepare this map, the data were prepared in ESRI ArcGIS and further polished in Adobe Illustrator.

For more information, downloads and full data sources, please refer to:

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