About Nordpil

Nordpil - custom map design and cartography, charts, maps and other visual communication and GIS

Nordpil was founded by Hugo Ahlenius in November 2008 to explore freelancing and consulting within the fields of geography and visual communication. Experiences, skills and portfolio have been acquired through a previous position at an office of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) in Norway - UNEP/GRID-Arendal, and through studies at Uppsala University, Sweden and the University of Washington, USA.

Nordpil means north arrow in Sweden, the map detail used to display the north direction in maps. In older maps this is often incorporated in a compass rose.

Employment and Internships

There are currently no open positions, nor any opportunities in the near future.

Unfortunately we do not have the capacity and resources to support any internships.

Legal information

Nordpil is registered as an Enskild näringsverksamhet in accordance with Swedish regulations. For tax- and value added tax (VAT/MOMS) purposes, including EU VAT regulations, Nordpil is registered with Swedish F-skatt. Tax registration number: SE740102511401. Bitcoin is also accepted for payment, in addition to major currencies.


Please see the portfolio and the list of publications for references. Contact information for other clients is available on request.

Curriculum Vitae

Available on request.

Policies and ethics

Nordpil strongly believes in a high profile in issues related to environment, sustainable development, ethics, transparency and openness.


Please inquire about banking details.


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