February 10, 2012

Geohack greasemonkey script

Geohack greasemonkey script

GreasemonkeyA recent project required research into the locations of communities and institutions, using Wikipedia (among other sources). Many pages on the open encyclopedia include coordinate information which links to the GeoHack extension. An example is this GeoHack page for Stockholm.

To make it easy to copy the decimal coordinates from the web browser into a spreadsheet or database (in our case, it was Microsoft Access), the following script was constructed for the Firefox Greasemonkey add-on. The goal was to add a button, with access key defined, to open a box from which the user can copy the information to the clipboard. The decimal coordinates are separated by a tab character, to facilitate pasting into a database/spreadsheet.

This script has been published for anyone to use and modify, under a Creative Commons license.

For full information, download and installation information, please see:
Geohack easy copy/paste (Greasemonkey script)