January 8, 2010

Better Mura admin (Greasemonkey script)

Better Mura admin (Greasemonkey script)

Here at Nordpil we are big fans of the Mura content management system (CMS), created by the Blue River Interactive Group. Mura CMS is a very full-featured and easy to use web publishing system that runs on the Adobe Coldfusion platform, or equivalent technologies, such as Railo or Open Bluedragon (which this site uses).

There are a few minor annoyances in the administrator interface though, and to bypass those, this little script has been prepared.

GreasemonkeyThe script has been set up for Firefox 3.5 using Greasemonkey 0.82. Greasemonkey is a browser add-on that makes it possible to set up small and simple javascript snippets that modify the content of web pages.

See below for the full code for the Better Mura admin script. It address the following issues:

  • Accesskey for the publish button on the content forms in the admin, press alt+shift+p to submit and publish content.
  • The "save to draft" javascript popup that comes up when you try to leave an edit window has been eliminated.
  • The 3 hour timeout and automatic logout from the administration interface is eliminated.
  • The 'e' accesskey added for editing content from the actual website, both when logged in and when not. For the latter it will open a window for login, and return for editing.
  • The 's' accesskey for browsing the actual website, to open the site manager. Also adds a link in the front end tools bar (on the top).

To install the better_mura_admin.js, click this link.
Note that you need to add the sites where you want to apply this.

The code is made available for unrestricted download, under the Creative Commons 2.5 attribution license. This gives you the right to redistribute and modify the script, as long as Nordpil is properly credited.

Releases and versions

  • version 1.0, January 8 2009