GIS - data management, analysis

World map of changes in land primary productivity 1981-2003 - land degradation and greening
Projected climate change impacts for agriculture in Africa, in potential cereal output for 2080
World distribution of income and population, and the mismatch between them
World map of World Bank country income groups
World map of ocean productivity
Natural resources for poverty reduction, tree
Cryosphere, world map over ice, snow, glaciers, permafrost and ice sheets
Carbon dioxide and temperature - historic trends on climate change
Arctic topographic map, with bathymetry
Arctic climate - sea ice and temperature projections for 2090 (NCAR-CCM3, SRES A2 experiment)
Arctic minimum sea ice extent, 1982 and 2008
University of the Arctic Thematic Networks map

Do you need services in Geomatics and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)?
We would love to help you solve your problems!

We have extensive experience in working with map design, data management, data capture, spatial databases and metadata for organizations such as the UN, OECD and many others.

Nordpil is a member of the ESRI Developer Network, and have deep knowledge of ArcGIS, including ArcSDE, ArcGIS Server and ArcIMS

Services we provide include:

  • Migration of web maps from ArcIMS to ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS Online or open source solutions
  • Implementation of interactive maps in ArcIMS, ArcGIS Server, tile cache, ArcGIS Online, GeoSuite, GeoServer, Google Earth, Google Maps and Map Server
  • Interactive web maps in ArcGIS Server, Flex, ArcGIS Server JavaScript API, Leaflet and OpenLayers
  • Metadata, metadata management and geospatial portal (ESRI Geoportal Server, GeoNetwork)
  • Database management for extensive spatial databases in e.g.. ArcSDE and PostGIS
  • Data capture and data integration, research in possible data sources
  • Cartography and representation of GIS data, for print, web and interactive presentations
  • Implementation and programming of flows for geoprocessing in Python or ESRI ModelBuilder
  • Remote sensing integration of aerial and satellite imagery in geodatabases, rectification, classification and analysis
  • Analysis and modeling in GIS studies and applications
  • Map products for apps
  • Training and workshops in all the above subjects

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