Nordpil's portfolio demonstrates maps, charts and other graphics, publications and websites prepared in whole or in part by Nordpil. This area also includes a publication list and information on awards and other distinctions. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in our services!

Maps, charts, diagrams and other illustrations

We have prepared illustrations - maps, charts, schematics, diagrams and other graphics - for major scientific and policy publications. Graphics available for download on the Internet have made their way into reports, magazines and major newspapers and are used by a wide range of organizations, from universities to small non-governmental organizations.


List of reports, newsletters, books and other publications that has published work by Nordpil. For some of these Nordpil has served as graphics editor and prepared and managed all the illustration work, others feature maps, diagrams or charts that we have prepared.


Nordpil has prepared websites ranging from the simple text-based pages to interactive websites with graphics and statistics databases. Services include web-based interactive maps using modern technologies. Some of these websites have risen to very high rankings and attracted some 100 000 visitors per month.

Awards and other forms of recognition

A testament to our services and expertise, Nordpil has been recognized for excellent and powerful visual communication by national and international institutions since founding up until the present.