Forthcoming book - Confronting the water challenge in a turbulent world

September 19, 2012

Nordpil is currently working with graphics editing, graphics production (maps and charts) and with editorial assistance for the forthcoming book Confronting the water challenge in a turbulent world: A green-blue resilience approach for global sustainability. The book, written by Stockholm Resilience Centre scholars and associates is due in the spring of 2013 from Cambridge University Press.

Authors: Johan Rockström, Malin Falkenmark, Carl Folke, Mats Lannerstad, Jennie Barron, Elin Enfors, Line Gordon, Jens Heinke, Holger Hoff and Claudia Pahl-Wostl

This book presents a new approach to water resource governance and management in the context of rapid global change. It builds on scientific advancements in recent years on integrated water resources research, global environmental change, ecosystem services and social-ecological resilience, and institutional research on water governance. It attempts to contribute to a further development of the current paradigm on integrated water resource management by addressing the new water challenges facing the world in the Anthropocene.
An innovative and integrated perspective links freshwater (blue and green) and ecosystem functions and use (terrestrial and aquatic). It also links the physical and chemical alterations generated by land use changes and the impacts of these changes on ecosystem functions and services.
The role of water in global sustainability is a key part of the approach, and is analysed both in terms of securing water for local development, and its role in water related tipping points in the Earth System.
The authors argue that water should be further integrated into questions of human development by including the “land” component of water resource management, which must be integral to a water governance framework that can meet both social and ecological goals. The focus is on building social and ecological resilience – the ability to persist, adapt and transform – in a future where we can expect more frequent water related shocks and stresses.

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