April 22, 2012

Revisiting old code

Revisiting old code

Adobe ColdFusion

So a website I have been working on in the past is up for a remake, and it is way overdue. I am assisting the new web developer in exporting the old database so that they can import it into their new publishing system.

The parts of the old website that I had been working on were set up in ColdFusion almost 10 years ago, and I had to look at the code when working with the database to figure out how the fields etc was set up (not very intuitively, I can tell you). And looking at the code - which was checked into CVS, originally prepared for ColdFusion 4.5 or 5 I think - wow.

The application had grown origanically with new features tacked on succesively, and it was very dirty and ugly. Not much of a framework there - basically the whole application was set up in one massive file...

Although, I have to give that to my 2002 self - that application has worked very well up until now, and the client has been very happy!