August 19, 2014

Världens länder ("Countries of the world")

Världens länder

Maps for Världens LänderFor an upcoming educational website, the Swedish online encyclopedia Nationalencyclopedin turned to Nordpil for the preparation of a collection of thematic maps. The website, Världens Länder, will feature information about countries and the world, and the world maps present a variety of themes related to the environment, sustainable development and global politics.

Data was acquired from a multitude of publicly available sources, including figures from the UN, NASA and the WorldBank.

The maps, prepared in the Wagner VII equal-area projection, were prepared using GlobalMapper and ESRI ArcGIS with some data management in Microsoft Access.

The maps were then finalized using Adobe Illustrator for best available quality for web use.

Themes included:

  • Refugees
  • Natural disasters (earthquakes, volcanoes, slides, cyclones)
  • Landcover
  • Land acquisitions
  • Nighttime lights
  • Population density
  • Precipitation
  • Temperature

For more information, see (in Swedish):