Communicating climate change - how to do it right!

Climate workshop

Training workshop in better charts, maps and diagrams

Learn how to prepare content that is picked up by bloggers and featured in press releases and presentations!

In our full-day training workshop, you will learn how to communicate climate change through visual material that captures your audience's attention and expands the reach and impact of your information.

Our workshop is designed for anyone who works with climate change issues – from researchers and government staff to journalists and communicators.

Climate change issues are characterized by an almost infinite depth and complexity. Targeted communication that includes maps, graphics and diagrams reduces this complexity. Many of us now have the power to work closely with data, but we also need to know how to use that data to reach policymakers and the public. Communicating effectively without becoming lost in the complexity of the topic is also essential.

The workshops are organized by Nordpil. We will contribute our extensive experience in creating effective maps, charts, diagrams and other forms of visual science communication – as well as experience in environmental and sustainable development issues.


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There are currently no workshops scheduled.

Workshop program

The workshop consists of a full-day intensive program split into separate sessions. Rather than focusing on technical proficiency in software handling, the workshop focuses on background and theory as well as what can be achieved through graphics, but not necessarily how to achieve it.

The day ends with a show-and-tell session in which we view, discuss and analyze examples of communication that works and that doesn't work, with samples provided by the participants and organizers.

All teaching material presented in the workshop is shared with the participants, to minimize the need for extensive note-taking.

The instruction will be in English.

Call for input and partners

We are actively searching for sponsors, funding, partners and networks. Is there anything specific that you would like to see in a workshop like this? We are happy to assist with fundraising to cover travel costs and participation fees.

Custom workshop on climate change

We would be pleased to customize the workshop program to cater to the needs of your organization. Please drop us a line to start the discussion, and we will contact you shortly.

Our methodology and references

We have taken the inspiration for the workshop program and the methods we teach from a variety of sources. Most importantly, we have drawn on our own experience and backgrounds in  communicating environmental and sustainable development issues.

Keywords in our visual communication philosophy are: simple, clear, focused and interesting.

Books that we recommend and that have inspired us are primarily the work of Edward Tufte, as well as Designing Better Maps by Cynthia Brewer and Communicating Science Effectively: A Practical Handbook for Integrating Visual Elements by Jane Thomas et al.

For examples of the graphics and communication products in progress at Nordpil and Envalue, please refer to our respective websites (sidebar to the right).

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