Report on water, biofuels and forests on Borneo

February 27, 2013

Competing water claims in biofuel feedstock operations in Central Kalimantan

A new report on conflicts over water, biofuels and palm-oil plantations in Borneo was recently published by the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI).

Competing Water Claims in Biofuel Feedstock Operations in Central Kalimantan (Larsen, R. K., M. Osbeck, N. Jiwan, A. Rompas, J. Nito and A. Tarigan) is an SEI working paper, published in 2012.

This working paper gauges the impacts of palm-oil plantations from the perspective of local communities in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia, and identifies governance issues. It finds that local communities in Central Kalimantan Province have severe grievances, reporting that plantations pollute local rivers, lakes and aquifers, including sources of drinking water. The plantations cause fish to die and community wells to dry up.

Nordpil prepared an overview map for this report, integrating data from multiple sources including scanned local maps and updates from representatives in the area.

For more information, and to download/read the report, please refer to: