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Visual communication
World map of changes in land primary productivity 1981-2003 - land degradation and greening
Projected climate change impacts for agriculture in Africa, in potential cereal output for 2080
World distribution of income and population, and the mismatch between them
World map of World Bank country income groups
World map of ocean productivity
Natural resources for poverty reduction, tree
Cryosphere, world map over ice, snow, glaciers, permafrost and ice sheets
Carbon dioxide and temperature - historic trends on climate change
Arctic topographic map, with bathymetry
Arctic climate - sea ice and temperature projections for 2090 (NCAR-CCM3, SRES A2 experiment)
Arctic minimum sea ice extent, 1982 and 2008
University of the Arctic Thematic Networks map

Do you have need for amazing, clear and powerful charts and diagrams? We are experts in transforming data, statistics and indicators into stunning visual pieces for print and web.

Do you need amazing illustrations? We look forward to help you out, and solve your needs.

We have more than 10 years of experience in working as graphics editors for reports and in preparing charts and diagrams for clients such as UN, OECD, Arctic Council and many others. Our illustrations have been featured in major newspapers and are used around the World daily.

Our products have that little extra attractive design that gets them picked up by bloggers, catches attention in press releases and creates demand for use and reuse.

Do you have data and statistics that needs to be presented in a clear informative way? We have great experience in analysing data and in using database tools, and how to use these to refine and prepare data for information products.


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