April 26, 2012

Indonesian NSDI

Indonesian NSDI

Indonesian NSDIA map I currently work with covers parts of Borneo, it is for a scientific report by Stockholm Environment Institute. I have not worked that much with the area before, except for these maps I did for UNEP/GRID-Arendal.

Timely that I spotted on Twitter that a beta version of the Indonesian NSDI got 'soft-launched'- here is one version of an announcement from ESRI: Indonesia NSDI: One Map for the Nation.

It took some digging to find the brand new geoportal, but eventually I got to Geospasial untuk Negeri

Great resource, and timely launch - I added a map service to my ArcMap document to work with. I had to export the static image though, and trace it in Illustrator, but that is another story...