October 4, 2009

Creating convincing charts, maps and diagrams on climate change – workshop at COP15, December 4, 2009 in Copenhagen

Creating convincing charts, maps and diagrams on climate change – workshop at COP15, December 4, 2009 in Copenhagen

Communicating climate change - workshop to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, December 2009


Full day workshop on communicating climate change issues in maps, graphics and charts, to be held in Copenhagen on December 4, 2009.

Explaining the science and importance of climate change is not easy. It can be a challenging task for scientists, communicators, the media and NGOs. With today's tools, many of us have the power to work closely with data, but we don't necessarily know how to reach out to policymakers, managers and the public. It's also vital to avoid becoming lost in the complexity of the topic. Targeted communication that includes maps and graphics makes it easier to grasp what it's all about. "Some messages are forgotten right away, while others 'stick' in your mind. Effective maps and graphics stick, so it's worth learning how to create powerful maps and graphics," says instructor Marianne Fernagut.


Marketing flyer: COP15 climate change visual communication workshop
Flyer for the COP15 workshop pdf download, or view this flyer directly (Scribd).

To build capacity in explaining and illustrating climate change, Envalue and Nordpil have joined forces to hold a full-day workshop on effective communication of climate change.


In the workshop, participants will learn how to communicate climate change through visual material that captures the audience's attention, expanding the reach and impact of information. The workshop is designed for anyone who works with climate change issues – from researchers and government staff to journalists and communicators.

The workshop will be held place in Copenhagen on December 4, 2009 just before the international COP15 climate change meeting of the UNFCCC. For full details and registration, go to

Rather than focusing on technical proficiency in software handling, the workshop focuses on background and theory as well as what to achieve (and why), but not necessarily how to achieve it. The day ends with a show-and-tell session in which we view, discuss and analyze examples of communication that works and that doesn't work, with samples provided by the participants and organizers.


"We are very excited about being a small part of the process around COP15, and we look forward to sharing our knowledge," says Hugo Ahlenius, instructor and illustrator.


Workshop leaders Marianne Fernagut of Envalue and Hugo Ahlenius of Nordpil have extensive experience in working for the United Nations, inter­national institutions, think tanks, and national governments – with in-depth knowledge of global environmental issues and graphics products.


For more information, contact:

Marianne Fernagut, Envalue on Tel: +32486881018 or e-mail: marianne.fernagut(at-sign),

Hugo Ahlenius, Nordpil on Tel: +46757575284 or e-mail: hugo.ahlenius(at-sign),


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