December 9, 2009

Climate vulnerability maps of Sweden in Effekt

Klimatmagasinet Effekt 2009-2

The latest issue of the Swedish climate magazine Effekt features maps prepared by Nordpil. The illustrations accompany an article on vulnerability to climate change in Sweden.

Issue 2009/2 was published in early December, in time for the international COP15 climate meeting in Copenhagen, and includes a Copenhagen special feature, in addition to articles on a variety of climate change issues and news.

The maps prepared by Nordpil accompany an article on vulnerability to climate change for Sweden and illustrate issues such as sea-level rise, coastal erosion and mudslides for southern Sweden, the cities of Malmö and Gothenburg and the surrounding area.

The magazine is available from selected newsstands in Sweden, and directly from the publisher.

See the portfolio section of this website for more information about the maps.

For any inquiries about relicensing and republishing the maps, please use the contact form.

Maps over climate change vulnerability issues in Sweden