November 8, 2010

Ocean data for TheGlobe

Ocean data for TheGlobe

Age of ocean floor - map for TheGlobeWorking with software house Hagenes Data AB, Nordpil has prepared a number of datasets and map backgrounds on geology and environmental conditions for TheGlobe - a plugin for Petrel exploration and management software.

TheGlobe enables a 3D globe view, similar to Google Earth, and interactive management, browsing and exploration of the continental shelves and the ocean floor.

Nordpil was contracted to acquire, process and prepare attractive maps for additional value in the globe view. Data included properties of the ocean crust (magnetic anomalies, thickness, geoid, field strength, age of ocean floor), sediment thickness, tectonic plates and related parameters, ocean bathymetry, and environmental properties of the sea column, including productivity (NPP), chlorophyll, oxygen and nutrients.

For more information about TheGlobe, see the
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