Multiple popfile servers on Ubuntu

Multiple popfile servers on Ubuntu

PopfileI could not find any good notes on how to enable multiple instances of the Popfile email and spam filtering software on my Ubuntu Server (14), so I thought I would type up how I did here. It seems to work fine so far!

The instance configuration files are located in /var/lib, so start with copying the existing popfile folder to a new popfile_newinstance, and make sure that the permissions are correct.

Here I moved the SQLite database and popfile.cfg from my Windows instance of Popfile (which I shut down first), updated the configuration and made sure that the permissions and ownership was correct.

To set up the startup script for the new instance, I copied to a new in the /usr/share/popfile folder, again look at the permissions.

Here, update the PARAMS section to new folders, that we need to create later, and update the path to the cfg file. I set the POPFILE_USER variable towards the end to popfile_newinstance.

To set this up as a service to be started automatically, cd to /etc/init.d and copy the existing popfile script to popfile_newinstance and update all the environment variables in the first part.

Finally we need to create the folders /var/run/popfile_newinstance as well as /var/log/popfile_newinstance, make sure that these have the same permissions/owners as the original popfile folder.

Now enable this as a startup script: