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October 13, 2010
ArcGIS 10 for the UNEP Shelf Programme

ESRI ArcGISNordpil recently finalized the installation, upgrade, configuration and setup of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software for the UNEP Shelf Programme. Applications include analysis, data management and web map presentations using ArcGIS Desktop, ArcSDE, ArcIMS and ArcGIS Server.

August 13, 2010
Dniester RBD map

Dniester river basin interactive mapIn cooperation with Ukrainian and Moldovan government officers, a transboundary geographic database was assembled for the Dniester river basin. Nordpil, together with Zoï, prepared an interactive map to present the data.

August 10, 2010
SIWI maps

Maps and research for SIWINordpil recently completed a project resulting in discussion material and research for the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI).

August 6, 2010
Globalis new maps

GlobalisThe Norwegian website Globalis presents the world with facts and figures on development and environment. The website is targeted at schoolchildren and educators, and is hosted by the Norwegian UN Association. Nordpil assisted the project by preparing updated map layers for the map component in the first half of 2010.

August 3, 2010
Uganda Biofuels

Uganda Biofuels Atlas iconNordpil has prepared an interactive map on the potential for biofuels in Uganda. The map, prepared for UNEP/GRID-Arendal, presents issues related to biofuels, food and conservation.

June 1, 2010
Arctic Biodiversity Trends 2010

Arctic Biodiversity Trends 2010An overview of the ecology of the Arctic is presented in the report Arctic Biodiversity Trends 2010: Selected indicators of change, presented by the Arctic Council in May 2010. Nordpil prepared all the maps, charts and diagrams for this publication, working closely with the editorial team from UNEP/GRID-Arendal and the CAFF Secretariat.

May 31, 2010
Posters on hazardous waste

Basel convention postersNordpil was asked to provide the Basel Convention with a set of posters on transboundary flows of hazardous waste and on the latest relevant statistics reported by countries. The final posters were presented to participants at a special meeting for related conventions on waste and dangerous substances, in Bali in February 2010.

Survey on the use of graphics for environmental communication
March 24, 2010

We want to learn more about your use of charts, maps and diagrams in your work, and how you can use them even more effectively. Please note that the survey is closed for submissions, as of May 20th 2010.

March 3, 2010
Updated - World database of urban areas, 1950-2050

World database of large urban areas, 1950-2050The database of cities and megacities has been updated to version 1.1. Coordinates have been corrected and the license changed, among other things. The data is available as maps, for Google Earth, in an animation video and for GIS data download.


December 29, 2009
Resources - world database of urban areas, 1950-2050

World database of large urban areas, 1950-2050The new resources section of this website presents free downloads from Nordpil. The first entry under this heading is a georeferenced database of large urban areas from 1950-2050 with historic estimates and projections of population figures. The data is available as maps, for Google Earth, in an animation video and for GIS data download.