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Updates and announcements on the activities at Nordpil are posted continuously in this space. In addition to following the news on the website, you can also read these in your favorite RSS reader, as a news feed, through Twitter or by subscribing to announcements by e-mail (service provided by FeedBurner).

Nordpil website now available through IPv6
September 28, 2011

The website is now fully IPv6 ready, and accessible through that protocol.

August 8, 2011

BitcoinIn addition to major currencies, Nordpil now accepts the virtual bitcoin currency as payment for consultancy services.

July 12, 2011
Graphic design for European Environment Agency

EEA FLISNordpil provided the EEA with graphic design services, including a brochure template, PowerPoint templates, illustrations and logos.

July 6, 2011
Globalis Rainforest

Globalis rainforestThe Globalis information service now includes a new portal on rainforests, forest ecosystem services and climate change. Nordpil assisted with the collection of maps, data and statistics for the portal.

Animated maps 1970-2050 for science centre
June 30, 2011
Animated maps 1970-2050

As a part of an upcoming exhibition, Nordpil worked with the Heureka Science Centre in Finland, preparing maps on the economy, population and biodiversity dating back to 1970 and with projected data  to 2050. The animation will be shown on large displays at the centre in autumn 2011.

Maps and analysis of the future - Yamal and Finnmark
June 28, 2011
Reindeer - Yamal and Finnmark

On request from the World Reindeer Herders, Nordpil produced current estimates and future projections for the impact of economic activity on reindeer herding now and in 2030 for Finnmark, Norway and the Yamal peninsula in Russia.

Globalis Biodiversity
November 16, 2010
Globalis Biodiversity

The Norwegian UN Association recently presented an information portal covering all aspects of biodiversity, conservation and ecology, targeted at Norwegian high school students. Nordpil supported the project by preparing interactive maps for the themes included.

UArctic thematic maps
November 11, 2010
UArctic thematic maps

Nordpil was contracted by the University of the Arctic secretariat to prepare a new set of maps to communicate the interlinkages and connections among the secretariat's member institutions. The thematic networks and North2North exchange programs form a web that includes more than 100 institutions in a dozen countries around the circumpolar north.

Ocean data for TheGlobe
November 8, 2010
Ocean data for TheGlobe

Working with software house Hagenes Data AB, Nordpil has prepared a number of datasets and map backgrounds on geology and environmental conditions for TheGlobe - a plugin for Petrel exploration and management software.

Biodiversity, the Arctic and the International Community - new report from UNEP
November 5, 2010
Protecting Arctic Biodiversity

A new report from UNEP examines the role of multilateral  agreements, such as the Convention on Biological Diversity, and their importance for protecting the Arctic environment. Figures prepared by Nordpil are featured in the report.