Arctic climate - sea ice and temperature projections for 2090 (NCAR-CCM3, SRES A2 experiment)

Arctic climate - sea ice and temperature projections for 2090 (NCAR-CCM3, SRES A2 experiment)Click on the image above for high resolution view
Climate change, due to increased concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, has lead to increased temperatures and large scale changes in the Arctic. The Arctic sea ice is decreasing, permafrost thawing and the glaciers and ice sheets are shrinking. Data in the map are from NCAR and ACIA.

Illustration prepared for a project within the International Polar Year (IPY), and featured as the main piece of an educational poster on climate change in the polar regions.

The map was prepared integrating data from multiple scientific sources, modified and classified and projected to the North pole view (Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area projection).

The software used in this map production was primarily ESRI ArcGIS and Adobe Illustrator.

For more information, downloads and full data sources, please refer to:

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