World map of changes in land primary productivity 1981-2003 - land degradation and greening

World map of changes in productivity 1981-2003 - land degradation and greeningClick in the image above for high resolution view
After periods of desertification, recent data indicate that arid regions have shown more plant life and biological productivity, as measured from infrared reflections from productive leaves - an indication of photosynthesis. Productivity has also increased over vast expanses of tropical forest. Loss of productivity is primarily due to land use changes.
The unit in the map is Net primary productivity (NPP).

Map prepared for the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) publication The Environmental Food Crisis - the environment's role in averting future food crises, published in 2009.

The illustration was prepared from data received from the team behind an FAO study. Data were analyzed, classified and reprojected to Wagner VII projection - an equal area world projection with low distortion in shape.

Saga GIS, ESRI ArcGIS and Adobe Illustrator were used to prepare the map.

For more information, references, data sources and downloads, please refer to:

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